Stick figure games—arguably the most important if not interesting use of an iPhone—come in as many shapes and sizes as their lean characters. In fact, there are so many of these games available from the App Store that it can all seem a bit overwhelming. Which ones are worth checking out? Here’s a rundown of five of the best stick figure games out there, and the reasons why they’re definitely worthy of your time.

Disclaimer: Many stick figure people were probably harmed in the making of these games.

Doodle Army (AppStore Link) Doodle Army
Developer: Chad Towns
Rated: 9+4.5
Price: $0.99 Get App

Your character in Doodle Army is a highly-trained military soldier who is adept at using complex weapons against enemy soldiers, zombies, and even aliens! Every level is drawn in rich detail. An added bonus of Doodle Army is that it can be played on the Open Feint network, which means you can sync your games with other players as well as with social networking sites. This game is likely to become one of your favorites.

AngerOfStick (AppStore Link) AngerOfStick
Developer: junghyun park
Rated: 9+4
Price: $0.99 Get App

Most stick figure games feature a standard, hand-drawn stick figure who fights against life forms more advanced than itself. Anger of Stick, on the other hand, pits your character against other stick figures, many of which look like they came straight out of your first grade art class. Don’t be fooled, though. From humanoids to dragons and angry polar bears, these primitive enemies can definitely hold their own.

Cartoon Wars: Gunner (AppStore Link) Cartoon Wars: Gunner
Developer: BLUE GNC Co.,Ltd
Rated: 9+4.5
Price: $0.99 Get App

As we all know, the only thing that stick figures know how to do is fight wars. Not one to buck tradition, Cartoon Wars Gunner is an excellent follow-up to its popular predecessor, Cartoon Wars. Detailed gray-scale monsters attack your character, who continues to upgrade weapons until finally reaching mechanized gunner status. Providing weeks if not months of entertainment, Cartoon Wars Gunner is definitely worth the price.

Scribattle (AppStore Link) Scribattle
Developer: Rebisoft, Inc
Rated: 9+5
Price: $2.99 Get App

The premise behind Scribattle is basic yet engaging. Reminiscent of Space Invaders, your goal in Scribattle is to fight amorphous aliens who fall from the sky and are intent on taking over your graph-paper planet. You must shoot them with your rifle before they reach the ground, which is much easier said than done!

StickWars (AppStore Link) StickWars
Developer: John Hartzog
Rated: 9+4
Price: $0.99 Get App

In Stick Wars, you must defend your fortress from a vast and powerful army who attack with battering rams, catapults, and, of course, sticks. Your only defense is to tap the stick warriors and throw them in the air or against each other and their own weapons. As you advance through the various levels of the game, you earn points that can be used to repair your fortress or buy more advanced weapons. You can even build a jail to house POW stick figures! An online forum available from within the game lets you collaborate with fellow players for tips and secrets.

These are just five of the thousands of stick figure games available from the App Store. Try them out, and you’re virtually guaranteed to never be bored again!

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